BDI customer completing court ordered traffic school course
Florida Traffic School    $7.95

4-Hour Judge Ordered Traffic School

Take this 4-hour Basic Driver Improvement course to keep points off your license for a Florida speeding ticket or any type of Florida moving violation. You can also sign up for this course if you have been ordered by a judge or court to attend a 4-hour traffic school course, or if you have been ordered by the Florida DHSMV to attend a Traffic Collision Avoidance Course (TCAC).

  • Quick and easy – 99.9% pass rate
  • Guaranteed lowest price for Florida traffic school
  • DHSMV approved course accepted by all Florida counties
  • Video and animations, not just reading!
Florida highway patrolman issuing ticket to speeding driver

What is 4 hour judge ordered traffic school?

For Floridians who have received a Florida traffic ticket and been ordered to attend 4-hour court ordered traffic school (or basic driver improvement), we offer the best online 4-hour judge ordered traffic school course in the State! If you have a computer and an internet connection, you have all you need to get started on your 4-hour judge ordered traffic school course.

Is this course state / court approved?

Absolutely! This florida online traffic school course is the State-required four hours, just like the classroom, but you don't have to drive anywhere — simply complete the quick registration form and get started right away. Another great benefit of 4 hour judge ordered traffic school is that it is accepted by all 67 Florida counties / courts!

What is the online course like?

4 hour judge ordered traffic school consists of self-contained units that can be completed at your own pace. Topics include vehicle safety, right of way laws, alcohol and driving, and, most importantly, how driver attitude affects driver behavior. The course is 100% online and you can log in and out on your own schedule. Take the 4 hour judge ordered traffic school from any computer that has an internet connection.

If you would like expedited certificate shipment of your 4 hour judge ordered traffic school completion certificate, we offer several options for your convenience. We also offer certificates by e-mail in counties where e-mailed certificates are accepted.