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Learner's Permit Course    $22.00

Florida Driver License Course

This 4-hour learner's permit course is required for all first time drivers before they can get their first Florida license (Class E learner permit). The START course fulfills the State's requirement for attendance of a Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) program, also sometimes known as a drug and alcohol course.

  • Fun, easy course with video (not just reading)!
  • No driving to a classroom, no 4-hour lecture
  • Trusted national course provider
  • Take the course on your schedule
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We're here to help with your first Florida driver license

Getting your first Florida license might be tough, but Floridas First Traffic School.com can help with the process. First, you need to know that in order to get your Florida driver license, you will have to show proof of your identify at the driver license office. Another step in obtaining your Florida driver license is that you will need to pass your vision test, driving skills test, and pay your licensing fee.

The next step to getting your first Florida driver license is that you will have to complete the Florida learners permit course. This course is also sometimes known by other names, including Florida driver license course, Florida license course, Florida learner permit course, Florida drug and alcohol course, State of Florida driver license course, or the START course online.

Fortunately, you can sign up for this course on our website and take the entire course online! Taking the Florida learner permit course is the first step to getting a Florida driver license for many teen Florida first time drivers. After you finish the Florida learners permit course, you will receive a completion certificate to take with you to the Florida driver license office when you go there to apply for your Florida driver license.

Please note: In order to pass the Class E Florida driver license test (road rules and road signs test), you will need to study the Florida Drivers Handbook. The learners permit course alone will not prepare you for your Florida driver license examination.

Important Info for Adults Reading this Page: You don't have to take a Florida learners permit course if you have a Florida driver license or if you have been licensed in another state. You might have to take the learners permit course if you have been licensed in another country. Consult your local Florida driver license office for help if you are not sure.