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Florida Traffic School    $7.95

Florida Ticket Course

Take this 4-hour Basic Driver Improvement course to keep points off your license for a Florida speeding ticket or any type of Florida moving violation. You can also sign up for this course if you have been ordered by a judge or court to attend a 4-hour traffic school course, or if you have been ordered by the Florida DHSMV to attend a Traffic Collision Avoidance Course (TCAC).

  • Quick and easy – 99.9% pass rate
  • Guaranteed lowest price for Florida traffic school
  • DHSMV approved course accepted by all Florida counties
  • Video and animations, not just reading!
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What should I do about my Florida ticket?

Are you an out of state driver who received a Florida ticket or a Florida resident who has just been handed a Florida speeding ticket? We've got good news for you — you can keep the points off your driver's license for that Florida traffic ticket and keep your insurance costs from rising by signing up for Florida traffic school online.

Here are just a few of the Florida ticket moving violations that are covered by Florida traffic school (basic driver improvement):

  • Passing a stopped school bus Florida ticket4 points.
  • Florida speeding ticket 16 miles or more over the limit — 4 points.
  • Florida speeding ticket 15 miles or less over the limit — 3 points.
  • Reckless driving Florida ticket4 points.

How will this ticket affect my driver's license?

  • 12 Florida ticket points in 12 months = 1 month license suspension (30 days)
  • 18 Florida ticket points in 18 months = 3 months license suspension (90 days)
  • 24 Florida ticket points in 36 months = 1 year license suspension (365 days)

Florida ticket fees are expensive and getting a ticket forces you to make a choice. You must now decide whether you are going to contest the ticket, pay it and accept the points, or go to traffic school to keep the points off your license. You can hire a ticket attorney to fight your Florida ticket, but in many cases you will just be stuck with attorney's fees and still have to attend traffic school as part of the bargaining process with the court. You can represent yourself, but there again, you will lose time off from work or school and you might have to attend traffic school anyway. If you just pay the ticket, you will constantly have to watch yourself to make sure you don't accumulate too many Florida ticket points, or BANG! You're license will be suspended.

Take care of your Florida ticket with online traffic school

We recommend that you attend our online Florida traffic school course. To do this, you just need to notify the court that you wish to attend traffic school, then click the button at the top of this page to sign up for the course. Most Florida drivers are eligible for the following course attendance benefits:

  • Drivers who make a Florida ticket election to attend traffic school will keep their safe driver status if they already had it before they received the ticket.
  • Electing to attend Florida traffic school entitles you to Florida ticket insurance benefits: If you were not at fault in a crash, your insurance company cannot cancel your automobile policy, non-renew it, or raise your rate as long as you attend Florida traffic school*.
  • Another overlooked benefit of attending online traffic school is that you will be completing a Basic Driver Improvement course. This course will provide you with valuable safe driving skills and strategies that can help you make better decisions behind the wheel, and maybe even avoid another Florida ticket!

Don't let that Florida ticket ruin your life by getting your license suspended or causing your insurance rates to increase astronomically! Make the smart choice and sign up for Florida online traffic school today.

NOTE: If you have been ordered by a Florida judge or court to attend 4 hour court ordered traffic school for your Florida ticket, you can take the course offered on this page. Select the 4 hour court ordered traffic school option when you register. Also, if the Florida DHSMV has sent you a letter ordering you to attend a Traffic Collision Avoidance Course (TCAC), you can sign up for Florida traffic school and select the Traffic Collision Avoidance Course or TCAC option.

NOTE: Florida law does not permit attendance of a Florida traffic school course if a person has already elected to attend basic driver improvement for a previous Florida ticket within the past calendar year. This also applies if the person is a CDL holder or has elected to attend a BDI course five times in the past.**

*§318.14(9), Florida Statutes