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Learner's Permit Course    $22.00

Florida Learners License Course

This 4-hour learner's permit course is required for all first time drivers before they can get their first Florida license (Class E learner permit). The START course fulfills the State's requirement for attendance of a Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) program, also sometimes known as a drug and alcohol course.

  • Fun, easy course with video (not just reading)!
  • No driving to a classroom, no 4-hour lecture
  • Trusted national course provider
  • Take the course on your schedule
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You can take the Florida learners license course before you turn 15!

You'll be old enough to drive soon and you want everything to be ready to go the minute you hit that magic number – 15! But there are a few things that you need to take care of before you can get the keys to the car:

  1. You need to take the DHSMV required Florida learners license course, which is also sometimes called the Florida drug and alcohol course, Florida learners permit course, drug and alcohol class, first time driver course, or START course online.
  2. After you complete your 4 hour Florida learners license course, you will need to pass the Class E exam (road signs and road rules test), the driving test, the vision and hearing tests, and pay the fee for your Florida driver license.
  3. You'll also need insurance and...a car!

Whew...that's a lot to accomplish. Maybe you should just start out by getting your state approved Florida learners license course out of the way. The best way to take the Florida learners license course is online, and the best online Florida learners license course can be found right here at Florida's First Traffic

After you receive your Florida learners license course completion certificate, you'll need to study the Florida Driver's Handbook and then take your Class E exam. The Florida learners license course / START course online by itself won't prepare you for the Class E exam.

NOTE: DO NOT sign up to take the Florida learners license course if you have a Florida driver license or a driver license from another state. Also, if you have a driver license from a country other than the U.S., you might or might not have to take this Florida learners license course before obtaining your Florida driver license. Please check with the Florida DHSMV or your local Florida license office if you are not sure whether you should take our Florida learners license course.