Accepted by Florida Clerks of the Court

Our online 8-hour traffic school course is accepted by Florida clerks of the court. This course can be taken by drivers who have volunteered to attend an 8-hour course as well as drivers who were judge or court ordered to attend for aggressive driving or suspended license offenses.

In some Florida counties, drivers may elect or be ordered to attend an Intermediate Driver Improvement program, or "IDI." Often the driver will receive an administrative order from the court indicating the type of course he or she must attend. IDI course attendance is normally allowed if a driver has already attended a 4-hour BDI course for a traffic violation and that driver has received a second violation within a 12-month period.

To begin your online 8-hour traffic school course, click the green "GO" button on this page.

Image showing that course is accepted by all Florida courts

"Thank you for offering an 8-hour class online so I don't have to waste an entire Saturday taking this course."

– Dawn T., Orlando