Advanced Driver Improvement

Easy, Convenient Online ADI Course

Advanced Driver Improvement, or ADI, is a 12-hour course that must be completed by drivers with a suspended or revoked license, habitual traffic offenders, and drivers who have been court ordered to attend. Many of these drivers are eligible to receive a hardship license, which allows them to drive to and from work, but they must first show proof of enrollment in an ADI course.

At Florida's First Traffic School, we provide our customers with an easy, convenient option for ADI – the Internet. You can take your course online and you will receive your enrollment letter (proof of enrollment) right away. Read on to find out more, or click the register button to sign up now.

Answers to common questions about ADI can be found on our FAQ page.

Smiling woman taking ADI course online

"With my schedule, I just couldn't afford to sit in a class
for 12 hours straight."

– Lucy D., Tampa

4 Reasons to Take ADI Online

A driver who has been ordered to complete a 12-hour ADI course can take the course online or in a classroom. While each situation has its own pros and cons, our customers tell us there are more "pros" with the online course.

  • Convenient
  • First, the online course is available from any location that has Internet access, making it the most convenient option available. In some counties, classroom ADI is not even offered, making it necessary to drive very far to attend the class.
  • 24 / 7 Access
  • Second, the online course is available at any time of day. Like the classroom course, online ADI requires 12 hours to complete, but you will not have to take time off from work or spend a Saturday or weekend to finish it.
  • No driving
  • Third, with the online ADI course, you do not have to drive anywhere. If you take ADI in a classroom, you will have to either drive on a suspended license and risk going to jail, or find someone to drive you to the class location.
  • Immediate Enrollment Letter
  • After you finish with registration and payment, you will see a link to download your enrollment letter. Your letter will be a PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) file, so you can print it from your web browser or save it to another location and print it later. This is the fastest way to get your enrollment letter, which you will need if you plan to request a hardship license.

What the Course Is Like

The course consists of reading, videos, graphics, and essay questions. Moving from page to page is simple, but if you do happen to get stuck, you can call customer support for assistance.

The ADI course material focuses on changing a driver's attitude so that he or she does not continue to be involved in traffic crashes or commit traffic violations. Students are encouraged to examine their behavior and take responsibility for the actions they have taken that have resulted in a driver license suspension or revocation, court fines, higher insurance premiums, and possibly even traffic-related injuries or fatalities.

As students go through the course, they are required to answer several questions with short answer responses. Answers will be graded by a human being, so every response must be genuine and must make sense. Answers that do not relate to the question or do not make sense are rejected.

A student may take as much time as needed to complete the first six hours of the course, but once the six hour mark is reached, he or she must take a 24-hour break before continuing. This is a DMV rule that is required in ALL online ADI programs.

ADI Completion Reporting

The manner in which your completion is reported depends on your circumstances. If you are attending the course because your driver license is suspended / revoked or you have been categorized as a habitual traffic offender (HTO), we will report your ADI course completion to the State of Florida.

If you are attending the course because a Florida judge or traffic school has ordered you to attend 12-hour ADI, then it is entirely your responsibility to make sure your completion is reported. You will need to turn your original, signed completion certificate in to the judge or court that ordered you to attend ADI.

You can visit the following link to check the Florida DHSMV database to see if your ADI completion has been reported yet.

  1. Go to the DHSMV Traffic School Completion Check page.
  2. Look for the section on the page that says "Search by driver license number, certificate number, or citation number for driver improvement (basic, advanced, or traffic collision avoidance) courses."
  3. Type in the required information and click the enter button.
  4. You should now see if your completion has been reported to DHSMV.